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Hot dipped wire production quality could be affected because the environment?

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Hot dipped wire production quality could be affected because the environment?

Dates:2016-09-21 Author: Click:

Hot dipped wire production quality could be affected because the environment? Galvanized wire in the manufacturing process, because of environmental influence, causes the black galvanized appearance, meanwhile some related influence factors such as moist air, the impurity in the manufacturing process, hand sweat and lubricating oil, will cause the galvanized looks black.

Some brief to the disposal measures to avoid galvanized wire in the process of manufacturing black or extended color moment: adhere to the work site, such as boring, cutting, and need not chemicals, the operator with clean gloves, etc. Else, can demand hot-dip zinc factory, must be conducted after leaching zinc passivation treatment, through the passivation treatment of zinc has good coloration, can be useful to extend color moment, both apply, color should be able to handle.

Annealed wire had many advantages, such as what friends know? Like a good mobile phone, it has powerful functions than the average mobile phone is a must, no matter from the point of view on the phone's screen and from the appearance, is very perfect, battery life is also let us enough to enough, not to mention the phone quality, can let us use more time. Good phone is perfect in every way, this is its advantage. Annealed wire, certainly also has its advantages.

The advantages of the annealed wire, black iron wire has the very good elasticity and flexibility, can control its degree of hardness and softness, in the process of annealing is made from high quality iron wire, mainly used in construction as binding wire and cable tie. # 5 - # 38, main wire than ordinary black iron wire is more soft, flexibility, more strong, softness is very uniform, chroma. Annealed wire USES is very wide also, barbed wire braided BianHou before plating, plating before weaving, after people deal with barbed wire or wire mesh has good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, the characteristics of such use in other ways can better play to the role of the annealed wire.




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