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About the big roll of the zinc layer thickness of the galvanized wire is determined by what factors?

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About the big roll of the zinc layer thickness of the galvanized wire is determined by what factors?

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Due to the clock of the standard electrode potential is 0.762 v, negative than iron, so when the medium corrosion form a galvanic cell, zinc anode. It was suitable to protect the steel substrate. It is because of the excellent corrosion resistance of the galvanized layer. Low cost is widely used in iron and steel parts protection: the duration of the galvanized layer of protection and coating thickness of the relationship is very large. In general, and in the Lord of the dry gas in indoor use, the thickness of the galvanized layer only 6-12 mu m ", and under the condition of the environment is bad, the galvanized layer thickness need 20 microns to "up to 50 microns. Therefore, when choosing the galvanized layer thickness to consider the influence of the environment. Itanium galvanized wire after passivation of zinc coating, can generate a layer of bright and beautiful color old passivation membrane, can significantly improve the protective performance buckle oar ACTS the role of performance.   


Zinc plating solution is a lot of more phyletic, according to its nature can be divided into two types: cyanide plating solution and non cyanide plating solution. Cyanide zinc plating solution has good dispersive capacity and coverage, smooth coating crystallization meticulous, JianJia operation, applicability is wide and has long been used in production.

Galvanized wire in use after a period of time, the surface of galvanization layer will generate stripping, fallen, it affects the beautiful sex of galvanized wire, galvanized layer on the surface of the only let all removed, after polishing to coating, which ensures that more long-term use galvanized wire.



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