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What is the wire? Here the wire factory to make an introduction

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What is the wire? Here the wire factory to make an introduction

Dates:2016-09-21 Author: Click:

The so-called iron wire is made of low carbon steel pull a wire, iron wire, according to the use composition is different also, it contains ingredients are: iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements. Is the English name of wire; [iron wire]] made of iron, linear products, according to the thickness is divided into many types, such as 10, iron wire, wire 3. In simple terms is to use iron to form the linear products. The wire is defined; Hot metal billet rolling into 5 mm thick steel bar, and then put it in the drawing into a line of different diameter, the plant was narrowed gradually and drawing plate aperture, for cooling, annealing, plating and other processing technology made into all kinds of different specifications of the wire. Binding wire specifications according to the industry standard has the following kinds: 25 # wire 0.50 mm in diameter, 0.55 mm diameter of 24 # wire, 23 # wire 0.60 mm diameter and 0.60 mm diameter of 22 # wire, etc.

Wire or steel wire (corresponding to the enterprise for the "wire mesh enterprise") is a steel wire again cold products, materials generally choose optimal carbon steel or stainless steel. Normally, should pass plate shell, pickling, washing, saponification, drying, drawing, annealing, cooling, pickling, washing, galvanizing line, packing and so on a number of procedures, to produce to make wire (wire) iron ingot (ingot)




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