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Wire manufacturer to introduce iron rust prevention methods

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Wire manufacturer to introduce iron rust prevention methods

Dates:2016-10-22 Author: Click:

Iron products appear in each place in our life, but using iron products have a big trouble, iron products corrosion could be happening, when corrosion occurs, will affect the use of iron products and appearance, so, how to prevent rusting of the iron products? Below we wire factory to introduce for everybody.

1 add non-metallic cloud layer: in the steel surface to clean, dry, a guard against protection coat of material, such as oil, vaseline, anti-rust oil, plastic part of compound plastic, paint, etc. (e.g., enameled wire)

2 electrochemical guard protection, there are two, one is connected to the a slightly than it vivid metal, such as the ship ship experience with zinc block inlays, vivid, namely zinc than iron slightly ahead of iron rust and cover the iron, but need to supplement. 2 it is to connect the power supply cathode, such as steel penstock tend to be connected to the power supply cathode, through the cathode.

For rust had a guard to protect effect. The methods are: metal cover membrane such as electroplating, organic coatings such as paint, conversion coating, such as hair blue or black metal structure, the new element changes.

1, temporary rust is against protection layer to complete the mission, to be removed. The methods are as follows: coaxing corrosion inhibitor, can besmear rust-proof oil, shell part compound plastic, dry air, vacuum, etc.

2) change the metal internal structure: new into made of stainless steel, and alloy elements such as chromium, nickel alloy, but expensive, difficult to produce extensive application.

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