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Hook flower net

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Product use: the stadium fence can be applied to all kinds of places such as volleyball court, tennis court, football field, can meet the schools, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, the demand of the fitness facilities, its neat appearance, strong impact resistance and elastic, stadiums need more isolation in residential buildings.

Sports Seine product specifications:

1, plastic coated wire diameter: 3.8 MM

2, mesh: 50 mm * 50 mm?

3, size: 3000 mmx4000mm

4, pillar: 60/2.5 MM diameter steel pipe

5, horizontal column: 48/2 mm diameter steel pipe welding

6, the connection mode: card

7, anticorrosive processing: plastic

Stadium fence product features: sports purse Seine has colorful, anti-aging ability, good corrosion resistance characteristics, complete specifications, smooth surface, strong tension, deformation is not easy to trauma. Construction site installation, the sports Seine biggest characteristic is flexibility, shape and size can be adjusted according to site requirements at any time.

Stadium fence netting, field fence, fence of the scope of application: ground Seine suitable for high-grade residential area, garden villas, private swimming pool, the courtyard lawn, urban landscape, municipal traffic, sports venues, schools, military facilities, airport terminal, mechanism prison farm, industrial park, tourist resorts, logistics distribution centers, enterprises and institutions, and other fields.

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