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The blade barbed wire

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The blade barbed wire

  • Genus:Barbed wire

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  • Date:2016/10/29
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Blade barbed wire, razor barbed wire), also known as the blade stinging, razor wire, is a new type of fence. Blade thorn rope with beautiful, economical and practical, prevention effect is good, convenient construction and other excellent characteristics, at present, the blade barbed wire has been widely applied in many countries of the industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartment, border posts, military field, prisons, detention center, government buildings and other national security facilities.

Razor wire made of galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet stamping out sharp knife plate, galvanized steel wire or high tension blade barbed wire, stainless steel wire to do a combination of core block equipment. Because of gillnets distinctive is not easy to touch, and thus can achieve excellent protective isolation effect. Product main material is galvanized sheet and stainless steel plate.

Coating blade rope, plastic spraying razor wire (razor wire, PVC coated wire razor wire), also known as coating blade thorn rope, plastic spraying blade was stinging blade thorn rope production come out later, want to undertake antirust processing. Coating surface treatment has the quite good anticorrosion ability, beautiful surface gloss, waterproof effect is good, construction is convenient, economical and practical, such as outstanding characteristics. Coating blade thorn rope is plastic powder spraying in blade thorn rope, a surface processing method.

Coating, that is, we often speak of electrostatic powder coating, it is the use of electrostatic generator to make plastic powder charged, adsorption on the surface plate, and then after a 180 ~ 220 ℃ baking powder is melted adhesion on metal surface, plastic product used for indoor use more boxes, paint film to present flat or matte effect. Plastic spraying powder are mainly acrylic, polyester powder powder etc.



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