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The blade barbed wire

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The blade barbed wire

  • Genus:Barbed wire

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  • Date:2016/10/29
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Razor wire, straight razor wire, is a kind of protective developed in recent years, the capability of isolation of new fence products. Sharp knife type are beautiful and chilling. Has played a very good deterrent effect. At the same time, the product has beautiful, prevention effect is good, construction is convenient wait for an advantage.

Use: the world has put a razor wire is widely used in military stronghold, prison, government agencies, Banks, and residential fence, private house, villa walls, doors and Windows, highway, rail barrier and border to security protection.

Mesh: conductor material: high quality - stainless steel wire

The blade material: high quality - stainless steel plate.

Model number: razor wire BTO and CBT divides into two kinds of BTO including BTO - 10 BTO - 18 BTO - 22 BTO - 28 BTO - 30 CBT including CBT - 60 BTO CBT - 65-22 for domestic the most commonly used models (other models can also be customized).

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