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Axial filament

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Axial filament

  • Genus:Galvanized wire drawing instead

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  • Date:2016/10/29
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Change wire drawing by hot dip galvanized or electricity galvanized iron wire drawing and become, the surface is smooth, bright, its tensile strength becomes stronger. It is used mainly for hangers, formulate, architecture, medical, communications, netting, brush, high pressure pipe, cable tie, handicrafts and so on. High quality and low price, have a wide range of wire diameter for you to choose to silk To avoid the frequent maintenance, tie wire has been increasingly used in daily life, high-grade leisure places. The company production of low carbon steel coil wire with excellent corrosion resistance and smooth flawless surface quality. Has been widely used in many leisure entertainment, family, enterprise, etc.

Barbed wire braided BianHou before plating, plating before weaving, after processing of barbed wire or steel wire net has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and can be used in construction, petroleum, chemical industry, farming, landscape protection, food processing industries such as reinforcement, protection and heat preservation etc.

For example, is widely used in industry, agriculture, farming, construction, transport, mining and other welded wire mesh is used in the field of high quality low carbon wire line of welding and become, then after a cold (plating), hot dip plating, PVC plastic coated surface passivation, plasticizing treatment, to produce metal net with smooth surface, uniform mesh, solder joint is firm, stability, corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistant characteristics. The stainless steel welded wire mesh, is made of high quality stainless steel wire line of welding; Such as machine protective cover, animal livestock fence, flowers and trees fences, window guards, poultry cage bar, channel, crawl and home office food basket, paper basket and decorative products, etc., more acid, alkali, welding firm, beautiful, etc.

Axial filament





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