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Cold galvanized wire

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Cold galvanized wire

  • Genus:Electro galvanized wire

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  • Date:2016/10/29
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Galvanized wire according to its USES can be divided into:

Architecture is bound with wire with 22 # (0.71 mm), the price is low, its characteristic flexibility is good, not easy to break, is one of the most ideal binding wire in construction industry, mainly USES the cold low zinc plating processing wire. Mainly USES the cold low zinc plating processing wire.

Special processing, wire arts and crafts, the use of a thread without beheaded, zinc amount evenly on bright, average price is a bit expensive.

Galvanized wire also includes sa line: one board per roll weighs about 100 kg to 1000 kg, is mainly used in industry, agriculture, animal husbandry.




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