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Electro galvanized wire

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Electro galvanized wire

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  • Date:2017/07/19
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Cold galvanizing (electric galvanized) is in the plating bath by current unipolarity zinc plating on metal surface gradually, production speed is slow, uniform coating, the thickness of thin, usually only 3-15 microns, bright appearance, corrosion resistance is poor, usually a few months will rust.

Relative electricity galvanized, hot dip galvanized low production cost and the environmental impact of smaller than plating.

Hot dip galvanized scope of application:

Due to the coating thicker, hot galvanizing is electric galvanized has better protective performance, so it is used in harsh working environment important protective coating of steel parts. Hot dip galvanized products in chemical equipment, oil processing, Marine exploration, metal structure, electricity, shipbuilding and other industries are widely used, in agriculture such as pesticides, sprinkler irrigation, greenhouse and construction such as water and gas transmission, wire casing, scaffolding, bridge, highway guardrail, etc., have been widely used in recent years.

Light stainless steel wire is widely used in petroleum, electronics, food, machinery, construction, aerospace, military industry, chemical industry, textile, fisheries, construction, precision instruments, hardware tools, crafts, etc., brush, spring, fishing gear, netting, medical equipment, steel, clean ball, hangers, underwear, etc.




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